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The NPi®-200 pupillometer is a convenient automated system for simple, accurate and reproducible infrared measurement of pupil size, symmetry, reflexes and reactivity.

Results are displayed for all pupillary light reflex parameters, not just size and velocity as measured by a manual penlight examination. These parameters are summarised in the NPi® using an algorithm developed and validated by the company NeurOptics.

As a measure of the entire neurological network, the NPi® provides an objective, accurate and reproducible assessment of overall pupil reactivity and is an important component of multimodal neuromonitoring.

Successive NPi measurements enable any change in the neurological condition of a patient to be detected quickly and reliably.

Many studies and publications have shown that the NPi® developed by NeurOptics is a reliable measurement, and it has already been added to several guidelines.

Measurements taken for each pair of eyes are stored on the single-patient-use SmartGuard device and can be read by the pupillometer or reader and displayed as a trend.

Indications for pupillometry include objective, reproducible and documentable pupil reactivity measurements in patients with stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage or a head injury and for assessing prognosis in resuscitated cardiac arrest patients and patients undergoing ECMO.

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